5 Types of Home Siding

The aesthetic of a dwelling can be enhanced by decorative details. The wall as the largest area in the house is the right point to give details, one of which is through the home siding. Generally, paint is used to coat the walls so that it looks more colorful and can visually enhance the space.

But now, you can do home siding with pieces of wood to make the atmosphere warmer or you can cover them with glass to make the room more spacious. There are still other home sidings that have their respective functions. If you are interested, you can hire Siding contractor Dodge City, KS.

Get to know the five upholstery, find out their function, and adjust it to the needs of your home.

1. Ceramics

If you like a clean look, then you can try ceramic siding. The reason is, ceramics have a slippery nature so they are easy to clean. The motifs and colors also vary so that they can be adapted to the style of your home. However, the installation is not easy. You will need to call in an expert craftsman because the tiles will need to be cut using tools to match the shape and size of the walls to be sided.

2. Granite

Granite is a siding that can exude a luxurious impression in a home. Because, granite has a large size, smooth texture, and luxurious motifs. Behind that, granite has tough properties. It is difficult to cut or shape because it has a thickness of up to 2 cm.

3. Wooden parquet

Another type of home siding that you can use is parquet. Parquet is a piece of wood that can be attached to the wall. The presence of wooden parquet in the house can make the atmosphere feel warmer and more intimate. This material can not only be applied to walls, but also to floors. For the best home siding service, Siding contractor Junction City, KS is one recommended for you.

4. Mirror Glass

To get around a small space, it is most effective to use glass. Because glass can make the impression that space is wider than it actually is. If this is your home, then don’t hesitate to install mirror glass sheets in one area of ​​the wall. However, considering glass is prone to breaking, you should use glass that is strong against impact, for example, tempered glass.

5. Tile motif

Tiles are known as wall and floor coatings with distinctive motifs. The house that uses this upholstery looks unusual. More live with classic motifs. Nowadays, it is not difficult any more if you want to give tile motifs into the home siding. The reason is, many ceramic manufacturers have issued tile motifs in their newest products.