Tips for Removing Stains on the Rug

Dirt or stain on the rug is annoying, but it turns out the handling is not as difficult as imagined. The important thing to note is different stains, different ways of handling it. You are recommended to use cleaning services from oriental rug cleaning San Antonio to clean the rugs in the right way and method. Here are some tips for removing stains on the rug:

Wet Blood, Egg, and Gelatin Stains

The first step, absorb the stain with a wet white cloth, absorb as much as possible. Then mix half a cup of salt with 1 liter of clean water. Use a sponge to clean the affected area. After that, dry by wiping it with a wet white cloth (not too much water). If it still remains dirty, mix two teaspoons of non-alkaline detergent with half a liter of clean water, then clean. After that, dry using a wet white cloth.

Nail Polish and Lipstick Stains

Because most of the rugs are made from natural ingredients, to get rid of these stains can use nail polish remover, namely, nail polish remover or can use eye drops. After a few minutes, clean the stain with a dry white cloth.

Wax Stains, Butter, Fat, Glue, and Chewing Gum

Remove as many stains as possible using a tablespoon, blunt knife, or bread knife. Then, place the tissue paper (to absorb dirt) in the stained area and gently press it using a warm iron, do it repeatedly until the stain is not visible on the paper. After that, mix two tablespoons of non-alkaline detergent with two tablespoons of white vinegar and 0.5 liters of warm water, then put the stained area into the solution. After that wash with warm water. Dry the entire area stained with a hair-dryer (low setting) and leave the rug in the sun (if possible).

Chocolate Stains, Coconut Milk, Sauce, and Shoe Polish

Clean the stain by rubbing it gently. Absorb the stain with a wet white cloth. Do it several times. Mix a cup of non-alkaline detergent with four glasses of warm water. Dip a white cloth, then wring it out and rub it in the dirty part. Do it several times. After it feels clean, dry it with a wet white cloth (not too wet).

Urine Stains

Rub the stain with a white cloth or towel, then absorb this area with a cloth soaked in warm water. Do it several times. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with 0.5 warm water. Dip a white cloth or towel, then place it in the stained area, repeat if necessary. After that, clean the area with a white cloth or towel. Dry it with a hairdryer (lower setting).